Project Management Office
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Project Management Office at MACON ENGINEERING consists of two process groups for managing the projects which are as follow:
A.     Core Process Group
B.     Functional Process Group 

Part-A. Core Process Group of PMO:
1.      Project Initiation
2.      Project Planning
3.      Project Budgeting (Preparation of Specification & BOQ)
4.      Project Execution
5.      Project Monitoring & Control
6.      Project Closing

1.     Project Initiation:
A project is initiated when a land is acquired by the Business Development (BD) Department after the feasibility is approved by the management. Following types of project can be initiated based on type of occupancy:
a)     Residential
b)     Commercial
c)      Industrial

The land is acquired and Deed of Agreement is signed by the Landowner & Sponsor of MACON ENGINEERING (MCL). Power of Attorney has been transferred in favor of MCL with acceptance from Landowner. Possession of the land is then taken over from Landowner after demolishing existing structure (if any).

PMO performs the following tasks during the process of taking the possession of the land:
a)     Create Project Identity in the ERP System.
b)     Perform the soil test (if not done earlier)
c)      Check the utility connection & report and resolve any dispute regarding the connection in conjunction with Landowner.
d)     Coordinate for Project fencing in conjunction with the Marketing Department of MCL.
e)     Coordinate the Design Development for further course of project.

2.     Project Planning:
Based on the Project Completion Time as considered in the approved Project Feasibility Report, PMO prepares the Milestone Project Schedule. Then prepares the WBS of the project milestone deliveries in conjunction with the Construction Manager assigned for the specific project. PMO finalizes the mutually agreed schedule as ‘Master Schedule’ which is the reference for executing the project in designated Time.

3.     Project Budgeting (Preparation of Specification & BOQ):
PMO prepares the Initial Project Specification based on the cost availed from “Approved Feasibility Report”. The Design Team prepares the detail design based on the Project Specification.

The detail BOQ is prepared after the structural drawing has been developed based on the management approved architectural drawing of the specific project.

4.     Project Execution:
After taking the possession of the land from the Landowner, PMO engages the construction team for mobilization at site and start the execution of the project.

5.     Project Monitoring & Control:
PMO monitors the project as per the planned schedule and keep record of the delay (if occurs) as delay log. PMO also suggests mitigation plan to overcome the delay in conjunction with Construction Manager.
PMO also performs following tasks during monitoring & control phase:
a)     Quality Assurance (QA): Regularly evaluates the construction work based on the relevant quality standards & prepares monthly QA reports.
b)     Cost Control: Regularly monitors the cost of construction work based on the approved BOQ as per approved drawing & design. Also, reconcile the project cost in conjunction with the Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Billing & Coordination Team of Construction Department, so as to get the actual cost incurred against the BOQ cost.
c)      Information Distribution: PMO makes needed information available to the project stakeholders (including related design & drawing) in a timely manner.
d)     Status Report: PMO collects & compiles project status report to address where the project stands a given point.
e)     Progress Report: PMO collects & compiles project progress report to address what the project team has accomplished to date.

6.     Project Closing:
Project closing will be initiated in following phases:

a)     Construction completion of Client’s Floor Space (Net Carpet Area of the floor space):
Upon completion of the construction work at the floor space of clients, PMO coordinates to give access to clients for Interior work or provisional handover or possession handover through Customer Service Department, depending on the status of payment schedule. CS will visit the project with a checklist to verify the quality and status of completion.

b)     Construction completion of the project (Building Common & Floor Common area):
Upon completion of construction work at common spaces of the project building (Building Common & Floor Common) including completion of all features & amenities and utility services (such as Power connection, water supply & waste water drainage, lift installation, parking facility, etc.) PMO will arrange for a joint project visit with relevant departments (Architects, Construction, EME, PMO and CSD) for Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC) as per the planned design & requirement and then handover the project to the Customer Services Department for commencement of Facility Management Services.

PMO will prepare a report (text & pictorial) of “SNAG List” and will get a schedule for rectifying the SNAGS from Construction Team. The project completion will be accepted upon completion of the MAJOR SNAGS with required quality and a final acceptance certificate (FAC) will be issued to construction team after a joint visit in conjunction with PMO & CSD with Construction Team.

It is to be noted that Construction Team will hand over project with the features and amenities with a warranty period of 01 (one) year. But in case of “Construction Fault” the construction team will be responsible for rectifying the fault/s and cost will be borne by MCL.

If a “Facility Management Service Team” is deployed, they have to be well briefed about the functions, features & amenities of the project along with the “As Built” drawing of all sectors (Architectural, Structural, EME & Plumbing). PMO will coordinate this transition process in conjunction with the Construction Team & Customer Service Department.

c)      Construction completion of Total Project (Ready for Handover to Common Management Association formed among the clients including Landowner/s):
If the majority of the clients’ space along with the total project is being handed over, Customer Service Department will approach for formation of Common Management Association (CMA) among the clients (including the Landowner/s) in coordination with Construction Team, PMO, Marketing Team and Customer Experience Department. Construction Team & PMO will play supporting role in this phase to facilitate smooth & successful completion of the CMA formation program.

i)       PMO will not be engaged in any sort of vendor engagement and vendor management as these are the core responsibilities of Billing & Coordination Team of Construction Department (in case of Contractors, Labors) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), in case of supply & installation vendors. However, PMO will intervene in vendor coordination, if deemed necessary (in exceptional cases where there are any bottlenecks regarding completion of works related to vendor/contractor).

ii      Project Coordinators are responsible for the planning, execution, monitoring & control and closing of the projects which are individually assigned by Line Manager, PMO and will be responsible for Top Supervision of assigned projects. Budgeting and preparation of specification & BOQ is carried out by BOQ personnel.  

Part-B. Functional Process Group of PMO:
1.      Authorizations of Payment of Utility Bills of Projects:
2.      Authorizations of Requisition of Speed Money:
3.      Authorizations of Design and BOQ:
4.      Authorization of concreting & overall Quality Assurance (QA)
5.      Authorizations of Demand / Refund Adjustments for Client’s Interior Change Requests
6.      Authorizations of Waiver of Demand value and / or MCL Fee from Demand-Refund amount for client / land-owner request of design and specification changes

1.     Authorizations of Payment of Utility Bills of Projects:
i)       Electricity Bills
ii)      Titas Gas Bills
iii)     WASA Bills
iv)    City Corporation taxes

2.     Authorizations of Requisition of Speed Money:
i)       Electricity Connection
ii)      Electricity Load Conversion
iii)     Electricity Pole / Line shifting
iv)    Gas Connection
v)     WASA Connection
vi)    Road Cutting permission
vii)   Ramp relation permission
viii)  Sewerage Pit & drainage connection
ix)    Tree cutting
x)     Licensing Board NOC for Substation
xi)    Fire Service NOC

3.     Authorizations of Design and BOQ:
It is to be mentioned that all construction work/implementation work drawing has to be endorsed by PMO. Without endorsement of PMO any design/drawing will be treated as observation purpose and unauthorized for execution/implementation. Similarly, BOQ & specification must be approved / authorized from PMO for construction / execution of any project activity.   
i)       Architectural Design
ii)      Structural Drawings
iii)     Material Specification and Standards
iv)    Full / Partial BOQ

4.     Authorizations of Demand / Refund Adjustments for Client’s Interior Change Requests:
i)       Additional works beyond original BOQ and Design
ii)      Material and Specifications Change

5.     Authorizations of Waiver of Demand value and / or MCL Fee from Demand-Refund amount for client / land-owner request of design and specification changes:
i)       Additional works beyond original BOQ and Design
ii)      Material and Specifications Change
iii)     Additional Items beyond the scope of Deed / Sales Agreement
iv)    MCL Fee from Demand Refund adjustment

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